Ask Kate #4 // How To Hang Or Arrange Art


Hey guys, I’m going to address these common mistakes and dilemmas of hanging/arrange art. We’re too familiar with the problems of art hung too high or too small but still, this is soooo common and easy to fix. You heard me right…before you start thinking that the problem lies with the art, it might just be simply not hung correctly. As you continue reading, it will become clear for you to identify the problem to—”why does my art look awkward on my wall?”.

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Our First Home Reno Before And After


There was definitely a period of time when me and some of you thought that this post might never happen. Not because the reno didn’t meet our deadline (more on this later) but I was too lazy to update the blog for 4 months while in my new home. No, not really…actually we got ourselves busy with a kitten (that got ill) and to be honest I kept thinking my home is not “photo-ready”.

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Airy And Earthy Minimalist Studio Reveal


Entertaining in small spaces can be a major headache (for the host and everyone involved). Especially when the floor plan doesn’t allow you to maximize the space, the kitchen doesn’t open to the living and the outdoor space is awkward. For this project, I turned the 1 bedroom into a studio by opening up the bedroom to the main area for more functionality. Wait, you turned a 1 bedroom into a studio? Who does that?

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How To Create Your Dream Living Room


Hey guys, it’s been awhile on the blog. 4 months since we’ve moved to our first home and I’ve been busy adjusting and having fun with the new additional in our family (which I sinfully plastered all over on my Instagram). I was recently inspired by Arhaus to share a post on my dream living room… 

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My Top 10 Favorite Canada House & Home


Source: House & Home

I’ve been following Canada House & Home for a while now and have been inspired by their home tours (despite their hit-and-miss). Well, I’ve had my mind changed after seeing some of their home tours. I am excited to share with you my top 10 favorites (I never get sick of re-watching them), take these great ideas and make them your own! Let’s go!

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