Kate’s DWELL IN STYLE (KDIS) provides specialized online interior design service that is hassle-free and tailor made for every individual. We are committed to achieving your dream home that reflects you and anticipates your needs. We offer professional opinions  on space/storage planning, re-purposing, arranging and styling.

Our projects feature a clean aesthetic on urban living with a Minimalist, Scandinavian, Modern and Coastal vibe. If this sounds like essential elements to your dream home, send us a message for free consultation.


Here’s how it works –

Fill in the questionnaire, send us an email with photos and measurements of the room(s) you want to be designed. You’ll receive a quotation from us and we get to work once we’ve receive your payment.

Mood board with furniture, light fixture(s), fabrics and accessories for you to visualize the components in your room coming together.

Space/Storage planning creates a functional home with digital drawing aim to maximize all your square footage.

Shopping list includes clickable links to recommended items sets you on the path to your dream home.

Gallery wall and/or Styling of tabletops, shelves and pillows elevates your home to the next level.

3D design provides digital imagery of the final result.


 S E R V I C E   A G R E E M E N T

1 // The Service Provider (KDIS) is prepared to provide professional design services to the Client agree upon in written form (emails) by both parties. The Client is to provide (at best effort possible) the necessary materials (via email) before design works can commence.

2 // Fees for professional services are estimated based on square footage and the extend of design services must be mutually agree by both parties in written form.

3 // The Client is payable to the amount stated on the invoice provided by KDIS. Work shall commence immediately upon receiving payment. Payment can be made via Paypal. Customer will receive a receipt as acknowledgement of payment.

4 // In the event that the Client has accepted quotation(s) from KDIS, any further work request(s) from the Client is deemed chargeable and (clause 1) shall apply accordingly.

5 // Client agrees to correspond strictly through email communication. Additional fee is chargeable for phone/video call if requested by the Client.

6 // Client is not to copy, reproduce, retain or disclose the works of KDIS to any unauthorized person, wholly or in part without the written consent from KDIS. Authorization letter from KDIS can be obtain upon request by the Client with no additional charge.

7 // KDIS has the right to feature the works online and/or as part of their portfolio without consent from the Client. However, private information from the client will never be released online, we fully respect the privacy of the Client should he/she prefers anonymity.

8 // KDIS is not liable for more than 3 revisions for the proposed floor plan. The 3D design(s) issue to the Client is consider final with no amendment henceforth. KDIS has the right to bill additional charges to the Client for any further request(s). Exceptions are subject to Clause 1 and on a case by case basis.

9 // KDIS is not liable for actual dimensions, price and availability of item(s) sold by third party/parties and any damage to the actual site(s).

10 // This term of this agreement starts from 14 January 2016 and will remain in full force and effect. Both parties agree on each and every clause of the contract and to do everything necessary to ensure that the terms and conditions of this agreement to take effect.