At DWELL IN STYLE, homeowners can achieve their goal of reflecting their styles in their homes and on their budgets as well as transforming spaces without the need of a renovation.

A home without personality is only an empty shell. Home is a place we feel refresh to start our day and comforting to return to. We pride ourselves in designing homes that anticipate your needs and enriches your life.




Hi. I’m Kate. Around 6 years ago, having an appreciation for well thought out living spaces, I developed an interest in Interior Design. In the second and third year that I was with Jimmy (my then-boyfriend now-husband), a series of traumatic events happened to me and I’m very thankful for his patience and support. We’ve been together for 7 years now. After I resigned from a Sales & Marketing position in an international advertising company, I never really worked for another job even though I was offered a publicist position with a local company which I declined. Eventually, I stopped applying for interviews altogether. Soon after we got married, we moved into a rental; first a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom in a townhouse (near a golf course) and then an expensive studio unit located at town.

Having a taste of living in rentals strengthened my passion in Interior Design. With the small amount of money I had, I spent my time and effort into making the rentals feel like ours, I bought my home decor mostly from IKEA and MUJI. After staying a couple years outside paying high rentals and the lack of privacy, we’re ready to call a place home and applied for an unit in a new build near my Mum. We are very lucky to have gotten an ideal unit (5 people vying for 1 unit), we decided it’s wiser to buy below our means. I’m more than determined to make our 700 sq ft 2 room apartment work for us for the next 5 years.

My design style is inspired by trends from the U.S. and Canada, I believe in mixing of styles for maximum livability tailored for individuals. I’m self taught in Google Sketchup particularly in 3D object and 3D Interior Design. I’m born and raised in Singapore and currently resides in the country with the love of my life and our kitten, Noah.

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