A 495 Square Foot Studio Loft Reveal


You know what, I would love to live in a loft! But it can cost a fortune to buy AND decorate a loft. I don’t care there isn’t a ton of space (gimme that double height windows!). We can’t create more space here so it’s only right that we focus on making it awesome. I designed this 495 sq. ft. urban studio loft for a couple who wants the loft style living.

The upstairs was designed as a study/work space on the floor plan but we don’t need that and so we turned it into their bedroom. This gives us the whole of downstairs to be fully utilized as most activities goes in the living, dining and kitchen.

// ENTRY //

The entry door opens to the kitchen—the walkway is quite narrow, a refrigerator that sit flushed with the wall to avoid visually and physically obstructing the path. 

I love functional hooks like this that doesn’t stand out but feels casual and homey.

Customizing a built-in like this is important in small spaces because it’s beautiful AND functional, it doesn’t waste any precious square footage. Vertical and horizontal storage for different purposes. The white built-in stretches all the way to the kitchen to create the impression of more space. We picked out fabric that echoes the kitchen’s colors.

Quick Tip: We customized the bench seat cushions with fabric sourced from Etsy to create a more personalized look.

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// LIVING //

I LOVE THIS LIVING AREA!! I can live here. Also, if you have to stare at your TV you might as well stare at that pretty built-in. The two tone (wood and white) creates extra depth that draws your eyes into thinking it’s a standard sized built-in but we cheat, in fact it’s barely 10 inches deep.

Did I mention that I love this built-in so much I wish it’s in my home?

I don’t know if you can say no to a sectional (and this one is affordable, it’s IKEA!).

I feel that for all people out there who has small or tiny living area, you are so lucky! You really don’t need to spend a lot of money to make it look great. There are no space for side chairs so we save money here. And I’m being serious.

Small or medium sized rugs are definitely cheaper than large rugs. Lay a beautiful (slightly more costly) Kilim rug on top of the more affordable jute/sisal rug. A small rug in a small space makes the space looks even smaller.

Quick Tip: Use stool as side table so that it can double as extra seating when guest visits.

// DINING //


Unless you entertains a lot, you don’t need a dining room. If you have a busy lifestyle, you will appreciate having the dining table open to the kitchen/living and still get to eat at your dining table instead of the couch.

This dining setup provides the flexibility of seating four by moving the table away from the wall and because the dining sconce can be swiveled according to your needs (hint: also doubles as work desk).

Quick Tip: For dining table with double height ceiling, consider wall sconce like above (something that swivels around can be great) or if you have extra floor space, try an arc/arch floor lamp.

Quick Tip: Furniture that are visually lightweight with thin legs or rounded are awesome for small spaces.


In a kitchen reno or makeover, you immediately save money by keeping the original footprint, that means no moving of the sink, etc. Unless the original layout doesn’t work. 

We added simple vertical paneling behind the glass doors that draws your eyes upwards, the kitchen has 8′ ceiling.

Quick Tip: If open shelving is not your cup of tea, consider kitchen upper with glass doors, they are visually lightweight as well and doesn’t collect dust as much as the former.


Depending on how you use your kitchen, not everyone needs to spend a big fortune on Quartz or marble countertops. This countertop here can be installed over existing surface and has a stone/leathery look to it.


I am a firm believer of if your home has only one bathroom, then make it worthwhile. 

We worked around the existing bathroom with the double door medicine cabinet (it stays) that means we only need to put new tiles (black) on exposing area. We then clad the rest of the bathroom with hexagon tiles to expand the space visually.


These aren’t standard 24″ closet but that IS a queen size mattress and I love the neutral palette here. There’s even a recessed nook as bedside table/storage/display.

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All words and images by me. 



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