My Top 10 Favorite Canada House & Home


Source: House & Home

I’ve been following Canada House & Home for a while now and have been inspired by their home tours (despite their hit-and-miss). Well, I’ve had my mind changed after seeing some of their home tours. I am excited to share with you my top 10 favorites (I never get sick of re-watching them), take these great ideas and make them your own! Let’s go!

In no particular order;

Modern Industrial Stylish Loft 

Why I love it – It’s a loft (duh!) and those windows. It’s a rental that means, I might get to rent this place? (A girl can dream…). That mid-century leather sofa, black and white palette is timeless.

Great ideas you can steal – White epoxy floor | Low chunky sofa (want to use sofa that has different colors? This is the way to do it!) | Use of dark color (black!) | Timeless palette; black and white with wood and Persian rugs to warm it up.

See 12 different types of stylish sofas including low and chunky!

Bright & Airy Modern Home

Why I love it – The size is considered small for Canadians, the kitchen size is a good inspiration guide for apartments. I like that he went with flat panel for kitchen cabinet doors, it’s grey with black handles! A neutral palette with blue (I love blue) and artworks on the wall. 

Great ideas you can steal – How to work with original wood doors and trims | Flipping layout to allow more light and functionality | Entryway simple and affordable wall paneling idea | Use of pattern tiles.

Using pattern tiles on kitchen backsplash!

Part 2 // Part 3

A Family-Friendly Modern Update 

Why I love it – This home tour has a total of 3 parts, make sure you watch them all. A transformation that truly suits the lifestyle of the family. I love the design of the kitchen, that marble wrap around also those sleek handles are gorgeous to me. The Warren Platner Chair, yes please.

Great ideas you can steal – Cut cost by working with the original footprint of the kitchen | Create affordable bedrooms for your children by mixing high and low items (hint: IKEA) | You might not need to install a door for your shower | The use of black doors and accent wall.

Create an affordable bedroom for a boy’s transition from child to teen!

A Stylish Urban Cottage

Why I love it – The built-ins with grey and wood (cool and warm)! That coffee table is something I would get for my own home. Those Picture Light on the built-in is something I would wanna do in my home one day! All the subtle brass accents throughout the home. The home has a very clean and modern style yet it still feels warm and cozy.

Great ideas you can steal – All the gorgeous lighting in this home | Additional storage at the hallway accessed by a movable ladder.

See how to do rustic styles.

Warm Modern Bachelor Pad

Why I love it – The home tour is pretty self explanatory, a bachelor pad that is warm and inviting, good grief! We too often sees bachelor pads that are dark, moody, masculine (or I should say overly masculine, *er hem* man cave). I can live in this home. The kitchen; so much natural light I wanna wake up to this! Very tasteful choice of furniture throughout the home not just leather leather and leather.

Great ideas you can steal – How to create an inviting bachelor pad | The white kitchen; you don’t even need it custom made, I can see an IKEA kitchen working just fine with those natural light pouring in and that dining area! | The dressing room, nuff’ said.

Affordable Sophisticated Loft Condo

Why I love it – Small space/loft/condo looking more expensive than its budget. Creative designer; Melissa Davis (frequently works on HGTV Income Property).  

Great ideas you can steal – How to warm up a loft condo | Use one big furniture (sofa) instead of a bunch of small furniture | Affordable island storage idea | Veneer as paneling for an affordable upscale look | Marble-like porcelain tiles in bathroom | In an open-concept space, create a textured wall for a distinct entryway.

A Modern Traditional Condo

Why I love it – Mixing modern and traditional in a condo! Talented designer; Grace Castaneda worked out a beautiful and functional design for the odd shaped layout. Paneling in a condo and I love the doors here.

Great ideas you can steal – How to mix Traditional and Modern styles | Use bigger tiles for an illusion of a bigger space | Floating vanity | Paint your doors black

See more of Grace Castaneda’s works.

A Mid-century Modern Colorful Home

Why I love it – I love the couple; they gives me a feeling that they’re very comfortable with each other’s style (even when they don’t align right away)! The home is reflective of the family’s personality and the homeowners are collectors of beautiful stuff. The home is designed in mind to evolve with the family!

Great ideas you can steal – A closed off galley kitchen | Painting all four walls blue/black 

A Warm Modern Chic Loft

Why I love it – Those bedroom glass doors, love it! I like how the kitchen isn’t open has its privacy (you can close the door) but yet you can still let natural light in and so well blended with the rest of the small space. The home feels hotel-ish but yet I can see myself making it my home, to me it’s the “hotel-look done right”! 

Great ideas you can steal – For bedroom with no window or not enough natural light, consider using glass doors | Kitchen with door | Large scale art pieces make the space appear bigger | Loft space designed with distinct areas but still feels connected; doors can be opened to allow unobstructed flow.

A Calm Modern Scandinavian Basement

Why I love it – The Scandinavian inspired space feels very calm, I would love to work/read  a book there. There is minimalist vibe here which is my core style. The redesign of the basement is now in all aspects highly functional to the homeowners!

Great ideas you can steal – Light wood floor opens up a space (even when there isn’t a lot of light) | Floating shelves | Simple paneling on walls (especially when you want white and there isn’t a ton of light, in this case walls with some texture will always work better than plain dry walls!) | Herringbone floors for mudroom/entryway | Built-in bench | Basement reno ideas, nuff’ said.

See a Scandinavian space for a family.

Let me know if you enjoy roundup post such as this and which is your favorite home tour? I will be working on more posts on my own home reno this month. As I’ve been busy going places every weekend for an entirety of August. I would also love to share some insights I’ve gained myself on selecting a designer or contractor (or both) for your home reno. You can also look forward to a budget-friendly family/living room. See you around!

All words by me and featured image from House & Home.



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