A Budget Friendly Family/Living Room Mood Board


As the world comes to understand the importance of the family room that we now sees doubling as a living room (you know the room that you entertains), pulling off a comfortable and functional design can be hard. Especially for young families or first time homeowners, you don’t want to overdo it but yet you have your expectation, and your four-legged family member’s expectation. So I decided to put together a budget and pet-friendly living room design.

The inspiration mood board is light and bright. Besides being affordable, kids and pet-friendly, it also has to be masculine and feminine. Both pink and blue are brought in to help balance the yin and yang for a family to enjoy the space. If you have a variety of stuff; books, photographs, a collection, a wall mounted shelf is an affordable way to display them. You can adjust each shelf to suit your needs and it will be easy to switch things up as the family grows, setting the mood and also to keep things interesting. Throws, plants and poufs help makes a room comfortable and inviting (a cozy space is perfect for family movie nights).


If your room has adequate space, installing shelves behind the sofa avoids the dreaded look of pushing furniture to the wall. Furniture that float in the room makes a room appear spacious. For an airy look, use glass coffee table because it doesn’t add visual weight. Invest in good-looking leather, knitted pouf that has a firmer shape as compared to beanbags. Beanbags are great for play rooms or kids space but if you intend to also use your family/living room for adult gatherings, leather/knitted poufs are much more inviting to an adult and they appeal to children as well (win-win). 

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For affordability, place a 170 by 240 cm rug with sofa and armchair legs off the rug. Use 3 storage benches to form a long bench for that semi-custom look, sitting bench is great with small children (perfect for play dates!).


1. Stockholm Cushion // 2. Ormkaktus Cushion Cover // 3. Shibori Blue Cushion* // 4. Blush Pink Velvet Cushion Cover* /// 5. Hermine Throw // 6. Industrial Wall Light (Catalogue.sg)*, Schaff Wall Sconce (Wayfair)* // 7. Fejka Artificial Potted Plant // 8. Algot Wall Upright Shelves // 9. Custom Dog Print* // 10. Cleo Floor Lamp // 11. Norsborg Three-Seat Sofa (Birch Legs) // 12. Vejmon Side Table (Birch) // 13. Jennylund Armchair // 14. Pjätteryd Picture // 15. Knitted Pouf (HipVan)*// Knitted Graphite Pouf (CB2)* // 16. Stuva Storage Bench // 17. Lauters Table Lamp BaseLauters Table Lamp Base // 18. Kallax Shelving Unit // 19. Stockholm Rug (170 x 240cm) // 20. Leather Pouf* // 21. Vittsjo Nest Of Tables // 22. Zuma Yellow Tray

On the mood board – Sadly the Sommar series IKEA cushion covers are no longer available (I wanted them for my new home) but any white base blue stripes cushion covers will work as well. Hand dyed Shibori (Japanese) fabric is on the rise, now is the time to invest on one. Add velvet cushion for a luxury touch especially when it’s a beautiful blush pink. The new IKEA Jennylund Armchair (see link) has a better shape than their Ektorp and is more suitable for small space.

The wall mount shelving unit, arc lamp and plants are necessary to add height to the room. Handmade one of a kind artworks/paintings of your pet(s) add a ton of personality! Don’t worry, you can use framed photography if you do not have the artistic flair. A neutral palette of black and white and blue offers the versatility to switch the throw pillows.

The end goal is to keep the room bright and happy for children but still appealing to grown-ups. Stay tuned for the 3D reveal of the room as well as further announcement for free giveaways 3D designs for anyone and everyone (all you need to do is to submit a simple hand drawn floor plan of your room and inspiration of your ideal space!).

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A little update from me; my 700 sq ft new home IS moving forward and I’m excited to share with you my reno decisions, purchases and the REVEALS (of each room). So bear with me while we’re still in the progress. Every weekend and even some weekdays we’re busy (it’s a tiring job!) doing stuff for our new home which explains why I’m not actively updating the blog. I’ve showed up for meeting with the contractor even when I’m physically unwell. The distance between our current residence and our new home isn’t short either. But, I am extremely thankful for my husband being around and stepping up (on my behalf)! More on all these soon! 

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All words by me, images from me, Pinterest and credited links. This is a non-sponsored post. All items are from IKEA except marked (*) and are subject to availability by IKEA and respective seller(s). 


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