Why I Started A Blog


Can you believe it? DWELL IN STYLE is my first blog, I have NEVER blogged in 28 years of my life. Then in December 2015, I started writing my first post. Maybe you’re thinking of starting a blog yourself, maybe you’re interested in an Interior Designer/Stylist (like do they have human feelings?) or just curious about me.

Ever since I launched my first post, I wanted to write something more about me (on the blog), this is the post that I will attempt to answer some obvious questions about MYSELF.

// Do you always enjoy writing and how do you know? //

I always enjoy writing, ALWAYS. It’s very HARD to keep blogging if you don’t enjoy writing. You hear this a million times but when you ACTUALLY started a blog, you’ll find that it’s all true. When I was in Primary School, as part of a Chinese New Year celebration, I wrote a Chinese script for a stage play, my classmates played the roles and I was the narrator. I also started my own magazine when I was 11. I sold them for less than a dollar each and I NEVER did got back the money I spent from printing my magazine (on a weekly basis). I remember it was FUN and exciting to have readers and new readers every week (who were my schoolmates). 

As I grew older, I started writing song lyrics (BTW, my other talent is singing which I picked up from my father, I started since I was nine) and I wrote stories like movie plots. I also kept a private diary around 16, I stopped writing diaries around 18. By the way, they were written in Chinese. I guess the blog is a very good outlet to express myself. I converse and write well in both English and Chinese.

// Why did you start blogging and what to write? //

I knew I have a lot to write about interior design and styling. If you start a fashion blog, you HAVE to be passionate about BOTH writing AND fashion. You can’t just have one. It’s very hard to keep generating real content. Every time I finished a post, I think about how it’s helpful to my readers. I hope that every design post I put out there will be able to help even just one person.

Yes, I provide design services online but I am equally passionate about writing (blogging). I started this blog so that I can share my ideas. Business is part of it but not all. And frankly speaking, I enjoy managing the blog so far.


// Why did you chose to be an Interior Stylist and why is it different from a Designer? //

Above image is Emily Henderson styled for Target (she preferred to be known as an Interior Stylist). Generally speaking, a designer work with structure while a stylist works on soft furnishings such as furniture, colors, textiles and textures of a room. Designers most likely studied Interior Design in schools. A stylist requires no formal training.

Renovating, liaising with contractors, etc. are not limited to designers, nowadays, a stylist or renovator/general contractor can do that as well. Renovation makes the space more functional but it’s the styling that makes a person wants to be in that room. A designer makes a room functional while a stylist thinks about how it feels to be in the space. A stylist designs a room with its occupants and their lifestyles in mind.

Read Apartment Therapy explains Interior Design and Interior Stylist.

So it concludes that I didn’t chose to be an Interior Stylist, I happened to be one.

// What propels you to do this as a job and not just a hobby? //

Around five years ago, I got a nasty infection on my face (I’m still not sure what was that) and needless to say I was very depressed (IT WAS ON MY FACE). My then boyfriend (now husband) took me to Grand Hyatt to cheer me up (yes, I love getting pampered, who doesn’t?). I was born in a poor family which eventually my parents divorced when I was ten. A five star hotel stay was far out of my reach but that isn’t the point, the point is I found out that real people actually designed and considered every detail for the space we lived in. This prompted me to become interested in Interior Design.

From the very beginning my design philosophy is to consider “how does it feel to be the person using the room?”. Because I felt great being in that space that was designed by someone who had me in mind while designing it. A job is something that requires you to interact with someone else, unlike a hobby. After five years of watching design shows, drawing a lot of floor plans on graph papers and living and moving from two different rental places with my husband. I eventually decided to take it further (into a career).


// So you’re an actual human, what you do when you’re not blogging/designing? //

I play video games, in fact I have a shameless (defunct) Youtube channel of a few hundred subscribers. Bet you didn’t expect me making Youtube videos, ha! And they’re mostly multiplayer videos, I play games like Resident Evil 6, The Last Of Us (image above) and Destiny. Sorry guys, I’m not into Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. I mostly play games with my husband (yes, we are hardcore and has two PS4…am I covered in the shame blankie already?).

Besides gaming, I watch stuff. I watch a lot of design shows but mostly HGTV or anything that interests me. I read other people’s blogs, I learn from them and try not to repeat the mistakes I’ve learned. I’m a street smart kind of person (my husband is the book smart kind) and I’m pretty resourceful on the Internet, I rarely not able to find things I want.

Growing up, I don’t watch cartoons, I don’t play with Barbie or dolls (I do play make believed cooking). Some of the shows that I’m watching recently (now that we have Netflix in Singapore), I kinda surprised myself with some of these (not related to design AT ALL) –

I will be writing a post on, “how to start planning while waiting for your new home” from the perspective of a stylist AND an upcoming homeowner, so please stay tuned. I hope this self introductory post haven’t bored you to tears and from time to time, I wish to share more of such stuff and inner feelings on the blog (because I’m a real human being, duh!). See you next post!

All words by me, images from credited links.


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